Reference case YourID and Leadgate

As an identity platform (YourID), how do you ensure that you can generate more brand awareness and virtual appointments so that you can show the addes value of the new identity platforms to organizations? With that question YourID came to Leadgate Europe in April 2020. The beginning of Social Selling Automation for YourID:

🎯 380 new connections;
🎯 78 reactions;
🎯 6 appointments within 3 months.

About YourID

YourID is a reliable and highly secured identity platform that ensures that you as (end) user have control over your own identity. The personal information and data that you publish with YourID are therefore real, and truly yours, which ensures a complete digital profile. YourID bypasses the maze of requirements when it comes to online access to accounts, providing end users and businesses with the ideal identity solution. With YourID, an identity can be confirmed for social media platforms, digital banking, e-commerce, insurance, healthcare and much more. This allows you to maintain maximum control over private information from one central platform.

Download the reference case
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